Q: How did you download that video?
  • Most likely, I didn’t. 90% of the time I actually recorded my screen. I’m on a Mac and use ScreenFlow. If you’re on Windows you can use FRAPS — both require cracks but aren’t hard to find online

Q: Do you watch xyz show?

Q: Holy shit how do you watch so many tv shows?

Q: Do you take requests

Q: Can you help me with coding?

Q: Can you help me with x theme/page?
  • Yes but please specify which theme/page you’re asking about and please ask OFF anon so I can try to look at your code and see what’s going on. 
  • All published code help is in this tag
  • The tutorial on how to use my TV Shows Page is here

Q: Who did you kill to get your URL?

Q: How do you make GIFs?

Q: Why did you unfollow me?

Q: re: Moffat hate

  • I’m anti Moffat so please just stop asking me about it. I will delete those asks. If you want to see all my stupid rants about it then go here
  • I tag all hate with ‘wank for ts’

Q: What is a shushette?

  • the term shushette deviates from the scene in which Colin O’Donoghue’s character in Storage 24 really sexily shushes this girl before kissing her and -ettes is the feminine form of the diminutive suffix -et (french) and thus we are the ladies of the shush —> shushettes
  • for more information go here
Q: Do you tag triggers/what triggers do you need me to tag?
  • I tag tw: alcohol, cutting, depression, self harm, ed, blood, gore, mental illness, death
  • if you could please tag tw: alcohol or alcohol cw, incest, & papercuts I would greatly appreciate it! 
  • if you need me to tag something for triggers PLEASE let me know! I’d be happy to tag anything you’d want me to
If you are sending something personal - please do not be afraid that you’ll sound stupid or I won’t understand. I’ve been through a lot that I don’t talk about much and am a suicide survivor, so I can honestly say that it does get better. I’m always available to talk about the more serious subjects and have a large amount of experience in the mental health realm of the world. 
If you are feeling suicidal, please talk to someone. The International Suicide Prevention Directory has a list of numbers to call around the world just to talk to someone.

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